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Rider Technologies as a partner we care about our drivers, and their family interests associate with social empowerment. Due to increasing traffic all around the world reported number of accidents with fatality is imminent and are escalating outrageously. Most of the drivers are the main bread winners in their families, Therefor Rider Technologies taking maximum measures to modify their life style through offering fringe benefits such as optional pension schemes, Life/health and investment opportunities whilst securing their sustainable income.


In this busy world commuters put their lives in the hands of drivers for their day to day transportation needs. The passengers who subscribe Rider for mobility would enjoy the comforts optimally through our innovative options in our apps. We also offer HI end Exclusive special optional packages for Elite Segments Especially VIPs to accompany personal Bodyguards in terms of their customized requirements.


The Rider Technologies (Pvt)Ltd. Introducing unprecedented exclusive unique service in the transportation industry, the Hi-End VIP Services for client base a customized package to shoot the requirement of security needs Rider technologies considers the security is a key aspect of a safer & resilient communities. People of all walks of life considers the security and their safety are the corner stones in their day to day functionalities and to sustain investments and venture.


the rider technologies in this busy world.Healthy life has one of the important and considable factors.Pharmacy deivery Services may not seems to make a high different in a healthy life style right ?.The growing body of researches shown that the pharmacy delivery Services can benefit the patient maintain and managed comprehensire meditation management program any one taking multiple for one or more choronic condition may improve correct intake of medicines and hearing the habit of taking medicine correctly can be challenging when multiple pre scriptions coming with it owns set of infections purchasing medicine seperatly at a brick and mortar drugs store adds to that complexity. but when the medicine are deliverd to your door steps in a single package organize with clear instructions for taking than correctly then it be comes a simple task. A study presented at the 2016 International Stroke Conference looked at nearly 100,000 patients after hospital discharge between 2006 and 2015. Overall, patients who received their medications by mail achieved adherence 74% of the time, while those who used a traditional pharmacy were only 47% adherent. With a customized medication management program that includes home delivery of your medications each month, you only pay for the medications you actually use. And you may be less likely to face the expenses that come with medication errors. greater accuracy and efficiency, and less pharmaceutical waste, home delivery of medications is a great way to control your healthcare costs over the long term. Our medicine delivery service will quickly and accurately saves your times and your money, time, and travel expenses in a greater level.


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